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Project 1 – Transporation – $7,000 USD

Bus 50 Passengers

Blessings Brothers. This project has been in order to

  1. transport the work team for the evangelism and social action.
  2. Transport the families of the Church of very far places.
  3. Reduce the small bushing expenditure.

Our church is one of the stable organizations the Canton level. All beneficiaries live in different communities of Talamanca. Some live 20 minutes or more minutes of the other.

Each weekend, Saturday and Sunday is a job of evangelism and hosting a dining room for the street people. We have to pick up the work team and this has costs for all. Many times people have no way for transportation to move from one side of town to another. Our resources as a church are too low to afford a transport bus. We are requesting your collaboration for the purchase of a bus for 50 people. This will helped the work we will do in and around Talamanca by allowing us to distribute food to the most needy people, and also to lead a life guided by the Word. 

Model 1999, Capacity 50

Price:  $7.000 USD

Bus 50 pasajeros

Bendiciones Hermanos.

Este proyecto lleva como fin:

    1. Transportar el equipo de trabajo para el evangelismo y acción social.
    1. Transportar las familias de la iglesia de lugares muy lejanos.
  1. Reducir el gasto de iglesia de transportes pequeños.

Nuestra Iglesia esta visualizada en ser una organización estable a nivel de cantón, para así realizar un buen trabajo local como Cantonal.

Nuestro equipo de apoyo está compuesto por mujeres y hombres en su mayoría jóvenes para un total de 25 personas. Todos viven en diferentes comunidades de Talamanca algunos a 20 o más minutos de distancia unos de otros. Cada fin de semana sábados y domingos se hace un trabajo de evangelismo y comedor para la gente de la calle. Y tenemos que recoger al equipo de trabajo y esto tiene costos para todos que muchas veces no tienen para el transporte para moverse de un lado a otro. Y nuestros recursos como iglesia son muy bajos para comprar un bus de transporte. Y solicitamos su colaboración para la compra de un bus de 50 personas. Así nos ayudan en el trabajo que realizaremos en Talamanca dando de comer a las personas más necesitadas y también llevar una palabra de vida.

Atte. Pastores Jeffrey y Aramis Costa Rica.


Project 2 – Talamanca Academic Advancement Center- Funding range $440,200 to $1,760,800 USD

Puerto Viejo, Hone Creek, Bri Bri, Sixiola Costa Rica

Presented by:

His Kids Empowering Communities

Working to create opportunities for building character in youth by focusing on educational advancement along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction

    • The Place
  • The Need

II. Project Overview

    • Our Goal
  • The Plan

III. Ownership and Operation

    • His Kids empowering Communities, Inc.
    • Management Team
  • Structure and Operation

IV. Financial Requirements

    • Fixed Expenses
    • Salaries and Wages
    • Academic Program Costs
  • Financial Summary

V. Summary

I. Introduction:

His Kids Empowering Communities, Inc

The Place:

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is a beautiful seaside community along the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.  Once a sleepy fishing village visited by an occasional surfer.  In 2018 the growth of tourism and international investment which began in earnest in the mid-1990’s and has since become the predominant industry of the region has now made this “off-the-grid” destination for international backpackers and surfers.   Many international restaurants and small boutique eclectic resorts line the coast and the dining and nightlife can be considered world-class and extravagant for these unique members of society.  Many foreign residents call the region home and the broad mix of cultures and nationalities has made this area one of the most multicultural in the Western Hemisphere.

The Need: 

While several good private foreign run schools have opened in the area for kinder-elementary age kids, a major problem facing the region is in the youth sector for kids in the 12-20 age range.  There are three high schools currently operating in the Puerto Viejo region, two public and one private.  According to educational experts who have been consulted in this area, there is  ‘an academic gap’ between public high school and university entrance which often require private tutoring to bridge the gap.  And while several reputable high schools, both public and private, exist in the provincial capital of Limon a little over a one-hour drive away, the distance and difficulty in commuting from the south Caribbean have proven a deterrent to most aspiring students.  Additionally, the area is known for its nightlife and is popular with surfers, backpackers and young foreign visitors there to party, and this has created a difficult influence for local teenagers and young adults. With the lack of higher-minded alternatives many youths in the area fall into the local party scene, often as low-level drug sellers/users or hangers-on.  Teen boys and young men are at particular risk, as they discover they can sell small amounts of marijuana or cocaine to the surfers and tourists at the nightclubs and have an “in” to what they see as a very hip scene and way to make a living without going to high school or college. 

II. Project Overview:

Our Goal:

The establishment of a Christ-centered Talamanca Academic Advancement Center (TAAC), an educational resource in the center of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca Costa Rica, with an intention to open future operations in additional under developed communities of Hone Creek, Bri Bri and Sixiola, which will ultimately provide U.S. accredited online high school program, college prep courses, and a tutorial center.  The center would start with a foundational goal to establish Christ-centered relationships with local at-risk children building integrity, character and responsibility within these very moldable and deserving community to serve the youth in the region.   Our desired phase 1 approach is outlined in the following pages and focuses only on the Puerto Viejo community.

The Plan:

The Talamanca Academic Advancement Center will operate under the umbrella of a non-profit organization Hid Kids Empowering Communities and eventually consist of an education advancement center offering U.S. accredited online high school courses and diploma programs.  Several prominent online education companies have been reviewed for the best compatibility with the TAAC program objectives. The average cost of a full online diploma program is $3,000 per student or around $300 per course for those students taking individual classes. 

The center will consist of an approximately 2000 square foot building in downtown Puerto Viejo and divided into sections dedicated to computers and individual work stations where students will take their online courses and a second study room that will house a tutorial center where students may work directly with on-site tutors, providing a live component to their learning experience.  These tutors, ideally three in number and working two-hour daily shifts each, will be individuals from the community and experienced in general education/teaching at the high school level and coming from either a local or international background. 

Courses will be offered individually for students currently enrolled in a local school and in need of additional courses/credits to meet their needs, and eventually as in the form of complete high school programs that will offer U.S. accreditation, an internationally recognized diploma and a college-prep component for students wishing to pursue higher education there or abroad. 

III. Ownership Structure-Management Team:

His Kids Empowering Communities, Inc.

The Talamanca Academic Advancement Center is to be owned and operated under the umbrella of “His Kids Empowering Communities, Inc.” (HKEC), a U.S. registered non-profit corporation formed in 2014 and is dedicated towards the funding and development of charitable projects in the southern Caribbean/Puerto Viejo region of Costa Rica.  HKEC has completed several projects in the region, including a skate park in downtown Puerto Viejo.

His Kids Empowering Communities project managers:

David Johnson is a seasoned humanitarian and lifetime volunteer with a professional background in youth services, churches and volunteerism.  David has lead several non-profit volunteer organizations and has developed a passion for helping the communities in the United States and Caribbean coast. David consults for several non-profits in Beaufort, South Carolina.  

Michael Mackewich is a Director at Duff & Phelps, the world’s largest independent financial valuation consulting firm and his focus is around Global Cyber Risk and Global Intelligence Services.  He has served on several non-profit boards and has volunteered in multiple charitable organizations.   Michael has worked in international business and risk management for the past 25 years and has a passion for helping underprivileged children reach their full potential.

Orlando Brown is a native of Puerto Viejo and a principle business owner in the region.  A former restaurateur and master chef, Orlando comes from one of the largest families in the Caribbean region and enjoys extensive ties throughout every tier of the community.  Currently, Orlando is serving as interim pastor at the Baptist church of Puerto Viejo while working with HKEC to develop a youth-focused projects in the region.

Cyrus Lemmon is a U.S. citizen with permanent legal residency in Costa Rica and has resided in the Puerto Viejo area since 1996.  Cyrus has extensive local and national experience as a business owner, real estate investor and versed in the field of education, having taught at the university level.

Glenda Brown, Mike McCaskey, Karen Stuart

TAAC Structure and Operation:

Under the direct oversight and financial control of His Kids Empowering Communities, the TAAC center will be operated by a total of eight employees and consist of the following positions/duties:

IV. Financial Requirements:

(A) Fixed Expenses:

*Estimate based upon average cost per square foot of commercial space in Puerto Viejo center.  Actual price may vary depending upon exact location.

(B)  Salaries and Wages:

(C) Academic Programs/Costs:


Funds required for startup and first year of operation (Month 0-12): $313,400

Yearly Financial Requirements (Month 12-onward): $126,800

    • This budget represents the Puerto Viejo Education Center.  ($440,200)
  • Long Term Budget Goals to complete all four Talamanca region education centers are $1,760,800 (costs are multiplied by 4 to include support for the additional 3 centers: Bri Bri, Hone Creek, Sixaola in Costa Rica.) Additionally a fifth center is envisioned for Jinotega Nicaragua.      

V. Summary:

When operational, the Talamanca Academic Advancement Center will fill a badly needed academic void in the southern Caribbean region by providing access to high school programs. This will provide opportunity for future study or to simply build a stronger educational foundation for teenage students. TAAC’s greater legacy will be in the fostering of long term cultural transformation through the establishment of a higher standard of educational achievement in the region.

Project 3- Bri Bri Community Church Project – between $25,000 – $32,000 USD

Recently we have leveled out the floor, finished more of the structure for the exterior walls and the zinc tubing and some other supplies needed for the roof.

all totals around $6400

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