Fulfilling the Great Commission in Our Lifetime using Intouch.org Messengers

Romans 8:9-11

I am with you always.

2014 Cement Foundation & start of children centered skateboard park

Location: Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

This project was envisioned by one of the local senior town tribesman.  The community envisioned the creation of a local youth center as a hub for them to attract youth that were otherwise involved in selling drugs.  The cement project became the foundation and the first project in a series of youth focused projects.


2014 Shoes & Clothes Distribution

Location:  Dominican Republic

This project was the start of several projects in Dominican Republic and was focused on supplying clothes and shoes for the orphans.  In addition, we sponsored many children to attend school since the uniforms and supplies must be paid for before they may attend. Many families cannot afford uniforms, and therefore do not go to school.


2015 Josiah’s Orphanage

Location:  Dominican Republic

This project was brought to our attention by previous supporters of Josiah’s orphanage.  The start of the foundation was to set-up a safe haven for young boy orphans.  The idea of having separate boys and girls orphanages was not as easily done due to the lack of support and funds to run them.

2015 Church & Youth Program

Location:  Bri Bri, Costa Rica

In the remote jungles of Costa Rica, the youth do not have access to resources or activities that many of the civilized countries take for granted.  This project permitted us to support a youth retreat for 100 children that included transportation, accommodations and food.

2016 Youth Center

Location:  Jinotega, Nicaragua

In the remote country side of Jinotaga, the poverty is very obvious.  Through contacts and research, we uncovered an organization that was seeking help with a center that was supporting young single mothers who were previously abused.  During the project start, we found many needs spanning several humanitarian areas.  We refocused team efforts to allocate resources to help build a youth center that needed significant support.

2017 Hydroponic Garden

Location:  Beaufort, SC

Hone Creek, Costa Rica

With the realization of many humanitarian projects, we determined that we should focus on sustainable projects that would have a long term impact on the groups we have been supporting.

To test this model, we determined to create a hydroponic garden locally that could help provide fresh produce to local food donation programs.  Working through the pilot prototype raised several learning areas that will be passed on when helping other organizations with a similar desired mission.  In addition, the focus was to build with used sustainable materials when possible.

2017 Remote Jungle Church

Community Center

Location:  Bri Bri, Costa Rica

During previous trips to remote villages in Costa Rica, we have identified several organizations that are in need and have a positive partnering attitude in terms of being accountable with the projects. Some projects included purchasing bicycles for women that had to walk 10 miles to work as well as work on decapitated huts.  Through these relationships, we became associated with the named Bri Bri Indian Chief, Timatao.  This project required significant labor related to laying block and cement.  Phase 1 of the project is complete and plans are forming to move to Phase 2.

2017 Skate Board Park for Youth

Location:  Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Over the past several years, we built many relationships with local humanitarian groups in the Puerto Viejo area.  This project was planned with a group that focuses on getting the youth off the street and providing and alternative safe environment for them.  An old skateboard park closed and donated the wooden ramps for us to use.  Many of these needed rebuilt. The cement was replaced and the area tiled.  This skateboard park is located in the center of the small town.

*Same team made repairs on local skateboard park in Beaufort, SC


2018 Hone Creek remote church project

Provide a safe harbor for all children, including at-risk children and adults


2019 Program Initiatives

  • 3 Day Youth Bible School ending with a Skateboard Competition – Puerto Viejo
  • Secure Funding for the Talamanca Academic Advancement Center Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
  • Secure Funding for the education and ministry program in Jinotega Nicaragua
  • Start Hot Dog ministry for surfers and backpackers – Puerto Viejo
  • Church Community Center – Finish Building Bri Bri Costa Rica
  • Purchase 30 Skateboards – Puerto Viejo
  • Supply Faith Based Education Material (all)
  • Secure Funding and re-Start local hydroponic garden and food bank (Praise Beaufort SC & St. Helena SC)
  • Secure Funding and provide reusable cloth grocery bags to food banks and pantries, embedded with Christ centered messages starting in Beaufort network

2018 Boston Butt Fundraisers with Sea Eagle Market and Boondocks